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OCS Briefing for 2018 CEOT Successfully Held in San Francisco, USA Date time:2018-12-03 18:19Hits:38575

         2018 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents and the 20th Guangzhou Convention Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as "2018 CEOT") was scheduled during 21-22 December 2018, in Guangzhou · China Import and Export Fair Complex (main venue) and Baiyun International Convention Center (branch venue). To launch and attract more overseas high-level talents, 2018 CEOT San Francisco promotion convention was held successfully in San Francisco, USA on October 20th.

         Consul Jiang Yuhong, Consulate General of the people's Republic of China in San Francisco, Mr. Cui Longfei, Director of the China-US International Talent Exchange Foundation, Mr. Yang Ge, Vice Chairman of Silicon Valley Branch of the China Association for Science and Technology in the United States, Dr. Yang Pei, president of the Bay area Chinese Biotechnology Association, Mr. Yu Guoliang, head of Liepin's North American Representative Office, and other distinguished guests, and around 150 overseas talents attended the meeting. This promotion meeting also adopted the method of introduction and on-the-spot recruitment for the first time. Nine enterprises, including Guangzhou Xiaopeng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communication Co., Ltd., Samsung Electronics China Research Institute, VIVO Mobile Communication, Alida Entertainment, brought nearly 100 offers to San Francisco promotion convention for on-site  recruitment, attracting a large number of Chinese students to participate. The atmosphere on site was good and strong results were produced.

         On the promotion convention, firstly, Mr. Wu Guowei, member of Guangzhou Delegation and inspector of Guangzhou Finance Bureau, introduced the overall environment of Guangzhou. He pointed out that Guangzhou is a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2,200 years, and it is also a forward position for China's reform and opening up, a core city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as well as a hub city for the Belt and Road Initiative. The industrial structure of Guangzhou has been continuously optimized, the strength of scientific and technological innovation has been constantly enhanced, the comparative advantages of the industry have become increasingly prominent, the opening-up cooperation has been deepened, and the level of its infrastructure construction has ranked among the top in the country. He issued a sincere invitation on behalf of Guangzhou: Guangzhou's great development depends on talents, and Guangzhou will have a better tomorrow! The Chinese delegates and overseas students present here are exactly the talented urgently needed by Guangzhou to transform and upgrade its economy and build a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. We welcome all kinds of talents from the United States to come to Guangzhou to participate in the 2018 CEOT and come to China for innovative and entrepreneurial development.

         Subsequently, Zhang Shengnian, head of the delegation and deputy inspector of Guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, introduced Guangzhou’s talent policy and innovation environment to the participants. He made a detailed interpretation from five aspects, namely, the talent policy for industry leaders, the talent policy for overseas students, the talent policy for foreign experts, the new 16 entry-exit policies and measures in Guangdong, as well as the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in Guangzhou. He pointed out that Guangzhou topped the country in terms of its business environment, building a government under the rule of law, intellectual property protection, etc. With the key industrial development strategies, including information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy, new materials and other, as well as favorable policies of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou boasts advantageous innovation and entrepreneurship environment, and can provide an excellent platform for the vast number of overseas talents to come to Guangzhou for innovation and entrepreneurship.

         Huang Qiong, deputy investigator of Guangzhou Bureau of Foreign Experts, made a key recommendation for the 2018 CEOT. She recalled that over the past 20 years, nearly 40,000 Chinese students brought more than 20,000 projects to attend the convention, and more than 10,000 projects had been successfully settled in various parts of China, gradually becoming "the first brand of exchanges among overseas Chinese students". She focused on the 2018 CEOT's features and methods of attendance. The 2018 CEOT will follow the guiding ideology of "focusing on high-end talents who are in urgent need, creating fine products, and forming a platform for exchanges with the world". On the basis of maintaining the original scale of activities, the 2018 CEOT will transform from scale expansion to "improving quality and efficiency". 2018 CEOT can be divided into eight sessions, including the Summit Forum, Exhibition, Project Communication, Talent Recruitment, Professional Meetings, Field Trips, Overseas Sub-venues, activities marking the 20th anniversary of the CEOT. There will be six major high-end summit forums and exchange meetings, five high-end project exhibitions, four coupling activities of scientific and technological achievements, six major talent recruitment zones, four promotional and professional meetings, three types of field trips, a number of overseas sub-venues, and activities marking the 20th anniversary of the CEOT. Registration of overseas individuals and associations can be made and the latest developments of the 2018 CEPT can be kept up to date through the official website of the Convention ( Participants were very interested in the information of the CEOT and the talent introduction policies of Guangzhou. They spoke and asked questions actively in the interactive exchange session. The two sides had a heated exchange and discussion. Members of the delegation answered the questions of participants in detail and made guidelines for participation in the event.

Deputy inspector Zhang Shengnian introduced Guangzhou talent policy and innovation environment

Participants attending the promotion meeting listened attentively to the lecture


Group photo of Guangzhou delegation, guests and representatives of relevant institutions

Nine domestic enterprises went to the United States to recruit, and they were very popular there.

Prior to the promotion meeting, the Guangzhou delegation exchanged views with relevant guests and representatives of relevant institutions



         Individuals and associations of overseas talents can register through the official website of the Convention and keep updated with the latest developments of the 2018 CEOT. We sincerely invite high-level talents from all over the world to pay close attention to and participate in the 2018 CEOT!


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