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Keeping close to the goals and themes of the conference, we present a number of well-designed activities. Experts and influences are invited to talk about the future of the Greater Bay Area, so as to realize the forward-looking and guided dissemination of information and ideas.

1. Main forum: 2019 the Greater Bay Area Peak Forum---SELF Forum.

Self forum will be introduced to the Greater Bay Area for the first time in 2019 OCS. Relying on the resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, SELF will gather science and culture communicators from different fields, discover and cultivate science communication stars in the Greater Bay Area, and tell the world about the innovation history of the Greater Bay Area.

(Forum background: SELF forum is a science and culture forum launched by Chinese Academy of Sciences, committed to the trans-boundary dissemination of elite ideas. SELF is the abbreviation of Science, Education, Life and Future, aiming to discuss the development of Science, Education, Life and Future in the spirit of "ge wu zhi zhi", or studying through things’ nature. At present, SELF forum has been held for 37 sessions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, inviting more than 300 celebrities from different fields to share their experiences, attracting more than 20,000 live audience and gaining more than 200 million Internet broadcasts. SELF+Guangzhou forum is the joint brand of SELF forum to be carried out in Guangzhou for a long time. The Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences is responsible for the operation and implementation.

Sponsor: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou municipal government;

Undertaker: Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

2. International Frontier Forum of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine.

Host: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou municipal government;

Organizers: Guangzhou Institute of Bio-medicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

3. 2019 China Technology Finance Forum

This forum is joint-planned by China Technology Finance Association and European Monetary Group, which focuses on the integration of international requirements of China science and technology and international financial ecology, promotes the development of regional economic and financial ecological system to better serve demand of science and technology development, and initiates the important role of financial industry on the development of science and technology enterprises. It’s conducive to further enhance influence of Guangzhou city in technology and finance innovation, and speed up the formation of technology innovation enterprise incubator accelerating highlands as well as global innovation resources agglomeration.

Host: Guangzhou Municipal Government;

Organizers:  China Technology Finance Association

4. "Guangzhou night" Exchange Meeting.

On the evening of the opening day of the conference, an exchange party will be held in the form of a buffet meeting to create a good exchange atmosphere and provide overseas talents attending the conference with a free opportunity to exchange and share their ideas, which fully shows the new positioning, new goals and new future of Guangzhou, and tell the story of Guangzhou in the new era. At the same time, the award certificate of Guangzhou talent program will be issued, while outstanding overseas Chinese delegates will share their experience in innovation and entrepreneurship, which is aimed to attract overseas talents to return to the motherland and settle down in Guangzhou.

Host: Guangzhou Municipal Government;

Organizers: Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

5. Other professional meetings.

Support professional organizations to conduct various professional activities.



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