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Participation Guidance for 2019 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents & the 21th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology 

2019 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents & the 21th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as 2019 OCS) is going to be held during 18-19, December, 2019, in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center. We welcome overseas high-skilled talents who aspire to innovation and entrepreneurship in China and overseas Chinese students to participate in the event


1.Application Conditions

(1) Application Conditions of guests

If one of the following conditions is met, the Organizing Committee of the conference will issue the “Guest Invitation letter” to the participants after approval. During the meeting period, the participants can enjoy free food, accommodation, transfer and other conference services with the “Guest  Invitation letter”:

Experts and scholars who serve as associate professors (or equivalent) in overseas universities and research institutions.

Those who take high or mid-level managerial or technical positions in well-known overseas enterprises.

Entrepreneurs who established high-tech enterprises overseas.

Finalists for the innovation and entrepreneurship competition "Wisdom Brings Future" of 2019 Overseas Exchange Convention.

Those with doctoral degrees.

Those with master degree or above, and 2 years working experience overseas.

(2)"Participants" sign up for the convention

Welcome overseas talents (including foreign talents, Chinese overseas students, foreign students in China, etc.) to sign up for the conference. The Organizing Committee of the conference will send the invitation letter to participants. During the conference, you can use the invitation letter to get the conference documents and materials and participate in the conference activities. Catering, accommodation and transportation shall be borne themselves.


2. Application Date

September 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019.


3. Application Methods

I. Login registration.

1. If you have registered an account for the convention, you can directly log in through account password on the homepage of the convention official website( );

2. If you have no registered account for the convention, you must first sign up on the homepage of the convention official website( ).


II. Fill in information online and upload relevant attachment.

1. Fill in the information according to the system prompts (For members of Overseas Student Association, community leader or contact person can log in through "overseas community" port and upload the registration form for the community's participants. Details of the application guidance are available in Participation Guidance for 2019 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents & the 21th Guangzhou Convention of Overseas Chinese Scholars in Science and Technology.

2. Upload relevant attachments: ID card, certificate of education, overseas work experience certification, certification for start-up innovative enterprises.


II. Confirmation of the invitation. The applicant shall log in the official website of the convention within 10 working days after registration to check the results.


IV. Receipt of invitation letters. Invited personnel check the email or log in the Member Center of convention official website to download "Guest Invitation Letter" or "Convention Invitation Letter ".


V. Fill out the receipt. Overseas talents who have received Guest Invitation Letter are required to complete the receipt on the convention website before December 8, 2019, to specify the demand for accommodation, airport (railway station) pickup; if one is not sure to attend, he or she needs to submit receipt of “Attendance Canceled”. Overseas talents with Convention Invitation Letter have no need to fill in the receipt.


4. Participation Process

2019 Convention on Exchange of Overseas Talents has set the exhibition zone for enterprises and welcome overseas talents to bring their projects and products to participate. The application process is as follows:

 (1) Binding enterprise account. For overseas talent enterprises to participate in the exhibition, they need to first register overseas account and domestic institutions account at the same time, and then log in overseas account to bind the enterprise account (domestic institutions account).

 (2) Online applications. Enter into the domestic institution account, and then click "Submit Application Form", to complete the information registration for enterprise exhibition products (scientific research results).

 (3) Confirmation of participation. The convention will arrange booth, showcase or exhibition board according to the application, and inform the applicant of the relevant exhibition information before November 23, 2019.

 (4) Notice of participation. The booth for invited overseas talent enterprises will enjoy the venue rent remission; during the convention, exhibitors shall send their staff at the booth to participate in the negotiation and exchange.


 5. Convention Services

(1) Overseas talents with Guest Invitation Letter can enjoy the following services:

1.Free accommodation and airport shuttle service. During the convention (16-20, December,2019), the board and lodging of the overseas talents who are invited will be provided free accommodation; the shuttle service (the specific shuttle arrangement will be notified separately); free city subway (with the free subway card of the conference)., and the accommodation expenses of the family members and entourages shall be borne by themselves;

 2.Free business coupling services recommended before, during, after the convention. The Overseas Exchange Convention recommends, free of charge, the projects and job-seeking information of invited overseas talents to domestic companies through the catalogue, exhibition, site promotion meeting, website and other channels, and provide, free of charge, overseas talents with domestic project cooperation, recruitment appointments and coupling services;

3.Free exchange activities. Invited overseas talents can participate in the exchange activities organized by the convention free of charge (except as otherwise provided).

 (2) Overseas talents with Convention Invitation Letter can acquire admission ticket to enter into the venue for exchange, and enjoy free buffet at the noon of the meeting day.

 (3) For details, please refer to Participation Guidance for Overseas Talents that will be released later on the official website.

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